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CDead Rules

What is CDead?

CDead is a Private Online Community, and discussion group. CDead was created as an alternative to other lists where nastiness and egos abound. The spirit of CDead is one of kindness, generosity, and honesty. To join, members must agree to all the rules outlined below.

Rules / Important Info To Know:

We don't have a lot of rules, but what we do have is taken seriously and by becoming a member of CDead each person is promising to abide by them.

1) CDead is a Music discussion list where most discussion is permitted, except for POLITICS and RELIGION. Political and Religious discussion will no longer be allowed as of 8/12/2017. CDead is made up of people who are brought together by a common love of Grateful Dead music. This group comes together for enjoyment and any member who disrupts that enjoyment will have their account removed from the server without notice.

2) All members shall respect one another and allow each their opinion without name calling, finger pointing, or nastiness.

3) There is to be No Backseat Moderating, i.e. telling others they should stop or not discuss certain subjects. If one does not enjoy a particular subject don't read it or delete it.

4) Socializing on-list is a required part of being a member. Lurking in CDead is discouraged, however, it is understood that life takes priority over CDead and sometimes members may not be able to post as often as they would like.

5) New members will receive access to TheWheel after their first month of membership.

6) CDead is run via a e-mail listserv. Members have been known to receive 200 or more posts (e-mails) per day. Members accept and acknowledge the receipt of CDead posts (e-mail) and promise not to intentionally tag CDead e-mail as SPAM.

7) New members must introduce themselves within 24 hours of being welcomed to the group.

8) What goes on in CDead, stays in CDead. Nothing said on-list may be shared outside of CDead. This includes being asked by a member not to circulate a source outside of CDead.


Some acceptable Email for use with CDead:

Gmail, Hotmail,, (POP, IMAP, or Webmail)


Email addresses that may not be used with CDead:

Due to "Rate Limiting" and "Rejections" which causes backups on the server, VERIZON, MSN, COMCAST, AOL and YAHOO e-mail addresses may no longer be used for CDead posts.



***Notice of Ownership***

The server and hardware that are used to run the CDead listserv are owned by Jay Ashley ("Owner"). The "Owner" of the server that runs the CDead Listserv retains the exclusive right to remove any members e-mail address from the server at any time.